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Resin Beach Scene Classes

3D Resin Beaches Using Real Shells, Starfish, Sand & More!

Ready to bring a bit of the beach home to you? Discover our Resin Beach Scenes! Perfect for beach houses, beach themed rooms, or anyone who always has their mind on getting their toes in the sand!

Resin Reach Scenes are truly Hawaii Fluid Art’s most unique class offering. Incorporating the mixing, coloring and sculpting of resin as it dries, as well as real beach elements including real sand, rocks, shells, starfish and sand dollars!

Our 1 ½ hour class takes place in our ventilated, temperature controlled studios where we will have everything you need to create a truly stunning glass painting. All you need to bring is a smile and your creativity. We also suggest wearing comfortable clothes and shoes for your class!

"Creating resin waves with a hair dryer is definitely the coolest art technique ever."

Our Most Complex Class: Craft Resin Waves Using Hair Dryers!

Resin Beach Scenes are without a doubt the most complex offering at Hawaii Fluid Art, that being said, we don’t want it to sound intimidating! Our instructors will help you select the best colors for your resin and demonstrate how to pour it and create wave like patterns with hair dryers and more!

After you pour your resin, you are officially on the clock to begin crafting your patterns as it will slowly begin to cure! This is part of the fun though. As the resin cures it becomes more resistant and shapeable, allowing for the creation of stunning suspending beach scenes that will leave you breathless!

Resin Beach Scenes can seem like a lot of moving pieces, especially when the hair dryers get broken out. Even if we always say – creativity is a beast best left untamed, our incredible instructors will help you every step of the way to make sure that you achieve the look you are hoping to create.